Note: This article will be expanded in future. What is this?

VetoVeto, sometimes called Veto or Planet VetoVeto, is the name of the planet. It is an online constructed world with its own geography, biology, history and everyday life.


VetoVeto has many countries spread all across its globe. Currently, there is only information regarding two Qromean countries: Arqea and Qromadea. To see what is planned, click here!


VetoVeto has its own plants and species. Contrary to Earth, there are many sentient species that dominate VetoVeto. There are currently no pages for species and plants, but these will be added later as detailed here. You can check the Miwes in the meantime.


VetoVeto has its own way of life. Education in VetoVeto follows a different format, check the school system that is in play in Qromean countries. Other notable differences include the counting system, which is actually hexadecimal rather than decimal. Click here to see what is planned.