School system

Many sovereign states of VetoVeto follow some sort of school system. The Qromean school system, as seen in Arqea and Qromadea, is one of the more common systems.


The core idea of Schools is teach subjects that fall within a specific domain. For instance, the School of Biology will not teach economics, as that falls under the domain of the School of Trade. Schools offer a wide variety of programmes that teach individuals certain skills. Participation is always optional, but sometimes highly recommended.

Schools cannot grade students themselves and cannot hold official tests directly. Rather, tests take place in different places at the same time across a country. Different organisations monitor the execution of the test and also grade the student, resulting in a pass or a fail. Schools do determine what should go in a test, but this process is regulated.

A pass of a test means that the student has earned a specific degree. Degrees are used to advance within the system, as the vast majority of tests require specific degrees. Schools are created on the basis of a meritocracy.

Political integration

Various nations, such as Arqea and Qromadea, are a technocracy where education is very important. In these nations, all Schools together form a council. This is often a powerful body of government, as it determines how the country functions.

Individuals, given that they have the required degrees, can vote for changed within the School. It is important to note that, as a technocracy, the influence of Schools is limited to their domain only. However, Schools can halt decisions of other Schools, as a council should agree on new proposals and amendments.



Schools are an essential part of the Arqean society as a whole, both in national and international politics.


Just like Arqea, Schools are an essential part of Qromadean society.