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Qromadea (Qromean pronunciation: [kromäˈdejä]) is one of the sovereign states of VetoVeto. It is one of the largest and most influential countries of the southern hemisphere, along with Arqea. The majority of the residents speak Qromadean Qromean.


The government of Qromadea is modelled after the government of Arqea. The form of government of Qromadea can be seen as a mix between a technocracy, meritocracy and democracy. Qromadea has a separation of fields, meaning that decisions regarding e.g. environmental issues are not concerned with media entertainment. Something similar is found in many countries on Earth, where different departments have their own tasks.

Decisions are made by the different Schools, but they have to comply with the law of the country. All Schools together are called a council, and major decisions have to be approved by either one or multiple councils.

Council of Qromadea

The highest council is the Council of Qromadea, also known as The High Council, where all schools are represented. The High Council has 1057 seats (or 421 in hexadecimal). Each seat is taken by a representative of a School, but the seats are not evenly distributed amongst Schools. New laws, implementations of existing laws or major decisions such as the construction of roads have to be approved by The High Council.

The Schools create laws that they need to approve themselves. After that, it needs to be passed to multiple councils, eventually ending up at The High Council. As a technocracy, the School of Trade cannot make law proposals regarding e.g. environmental issues, unless if it can prove that the proposals fall partially under their domain. Several Schools are represented in councils to serve as a power balance: decisions that affect multiple domains should be approved by multiple domains.

Guard of Qromadea

Qromadea's equivalence of a Department of Defence is the Guard of Qromadea. This can be seen as the army, whereas the provincial Guards can be seen as the police. The guards are not aligned with any School.

Audit of Qromadea

Budget proposals and amendments have to be approved by the Audit of Qromadea or by local audits. The audits are not aligned with any School.

Justice of Qromadea

Court cases belong to the Justice of Qromadea or local justices. The justices are not aligned with any School.


Education in Qromadea is identical to that of Arqea. More will be added later!


Qromadea has 24 provinces that have their own degree of autonomy. They have their own council, guard, audit and justice. Provinces are aligned with certain Schools, giving them special rights.


Voting in Qromadea is almost identical to voting in Arqea, so this will be added later!