Ferdinanto Stormes

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Ferdinanto Fezano Stormes (Qromean pronunciation: [fɛɹdiˈnɑnto feˈzäno ˈstɔɹmɛs]), known by his English name Ferdinanto Stormes, is one of the Miwes. Ferdinanto is mostly known as a sports figure who has won various prizes.


Ferdinanto was born and raised in Reddiello, the capital city of Dollosqoóp. He has three siblings.

At a young age, Ferdinanto found a likening to sports. He joined both the Reddiellan School of Entertainment and the Rediellan School of Endurance. Ferdinanto finished some programmes of the school of entertainment, but he decided to focus on the school of endurance instead. Ferdinanto picked up skills from various other schools, as the Rediellan School of Endurance maintains good ties to other schools.

During this time, Ferdinanto met Gantaar, who was following endurance programmes as part of her show fighting career. They were both members of the Rediellan Association for Sports in Entertainment. Gantaar moved back to Tamerqso upon completion of her programmes. Ferdinanto moved to Tamerqso several years later and briefly enjoyed a show fighting career. However, he quit and pursued a career in sports.


Ferdinanto is an open-minded and straightforward guy who does not worry about economics and politics. He can be described as naive, just like Citurly, as he tends to trust people easily.


Pyro-Cryo debate

Ferdinanto does not get the fuss about the pyro-cryo debate. Instead, he values both pyro and cryo, seeing beauty and skill in both. Ferdinanto thinks that the art of mixing pyro and cryo is underrated, however.

System debate

Ferdinanto likes the current system, but thinks that there is an unjust power imbalance. He would like to see a more diverse representation of schools.

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