Citurly Spara

Qiturli Yetta Spara (Qromean pronunciation: [kiˈtʉɹli ˈjɛtä ˈspärä]), known by her English name Citurly Spara, is one of the Miwes. She is a renowned investigator and reporter for the Londrian Biology Association.


Citurly was born and raised in Revo, a city in the island of Praevo. Her parents are important political figures in Praevo, both notable for their support of Praevan independence. Citurly has seven siblings and most of them are, contrary to Citurly herself, involved in Praevan politics.

As a teen, Citurly moved to the capital of Praevo, Viqari, in order to attend the Viqaran School of Pyro. She joined several pyro and biology groups shortly after arriving. Citurly finished various programmes in Viqari, but moved to Tronpo, the capital of Ídia, eventually. She attended the prestigious Tronpan School of Biology and finished specialised programmes in biology.

Citurly's success had not gone unnoticed, as she was asked to become a researcher for the Londrian Biology Association. Citurly accepted this job offer and moved back to Viqari, to join the Viqaran School of Rhetoric. In the meantime, Citurly followed programmes from various other schools. She left the Viqaran School of Rhetoric when she completed a programme and moved to Tamerqso shortly after to follow programs there. Citurly has been living in Tamerqso ever since, making frequent travels to other provinces for her job.


Citurly can be described as open, calm, kind-hearted and somewhat naive. She is particularly fond of science in general and she donates quite some money to different science organisations.

Nena is Citurly's best friend. Both like art and science, even though Nena prefers geology.


Pyro-Cryo debate

As someone who is not fond of politics, Citurly does not take an official stand in the Pyro-Cryo Debate. However, she does have an affinity to pyro, having finished several pyro programmes herself.

System debate

Citurly favours the current system where the educated folk decide what is best for all. In her opinion, the system works as long as many try to pursue an education. However, she does think that some schools yield too much influence. She would like to see greater influence of the science schools.

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