The Miwes

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The Miwes are a group of friends living in Tamerqso, Diplodi, consisting of the following nine members: Bommy Bomberro, Citurly Spara, Curvo Wellominaye, Dubycat Sansalopé, Ferdinanto Stormes, Frits Coramito, Gantaar Racketen, Nena Extrema and Ritsy Seddache. The Miwes have their own statute, as well as several properties in various provinces.

Early days

Bommy, Dubycat and Gantaar were all born in Tamerqso. They have been childhood friends for a long time. Dubycat's family has historic ties to Gantaar's family, with relations dating back many generations. Both families are so-called combat families. That is, they are typically aligned with the Schools of Combat.

As teens, all three were interested in becoming show fighters. They all followed similar combat programmes and can use a variety of tools. However, they chose different paths. Dubycat had an affinity to melee combat, whereas both Bommy and Gantaar preferred vyter combat.

Viqaran School of Pyro

Gantaar moved to Viqari, the capital of the Londrian island Praevo, to attend the Viqaran School of Pyro. This is where she met Citurly, who also attended this school. The two quickly became friends and Gantaar introduced Citurly to the other two. When Citurly became friends with Bommy and Dubycat, Gantaar coined the term Miwes to describe the group of four.

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