VetoVeto is an online constructed world with its own geography, biology, history and everyday life. This website is fairly new. It exists in its current form since the 30th of December, 2017.

Things to do

Currently, this website contains information only. You can read about the world, some of its inhabitants and some of the languages.

To see what things are currently planned, click here.

Some history

The domain has been registered since the 26th of December, 2012. VetoVeto was originally a fusion of two existing websites: Yorn's Forum and Ymroproductions.

Yorn's Forum was created on the 10th of February, 2009. It was originally a phpBB forum mostly about forum games, but it quickly grew to include language tutorials. It also contained tutorials about physics and mathematics. After some years, an online role playing element was added. The focus of the website was on language education and linguistics, with a strong focus on community activities and site events.

Ymroproductions was created somewhere in 2010. It featured two games, as well as user-created levels for one of these games. Contrary to Yorn's Forum, Ymroproductions did not have site events.

The creation of

In the beginning 2012, a Miwes comic page was posted on VetoVeto. From that week onwards, a new comic page would be posted every week. Although the comics were about the Miwes, they did not look like they do nowadays.

The story was about some Miwes being captured by a villain and, eventually, he threatened to shut down Yorn's Forum and Ymroproductions. The event lead to the creation of VetoVeto in December of 2012, whereas Yorn's Forum and Ymroproductions were discontinued.

Back then, VetoVeto featured language tutorials, as well as Miwes content and games previously hosted on Ymroproductions. It also contained some tutorials on mathematics, economics and linguistics.

Shutdown of hosting service

It was announced on the 21st of July, 2016, that the phpBB hosting service would stop in September. In September, all forums were closed.

Revival of VetoVeto

From September 2016 until 29th of December (2017), was not online. The other media channels were not affected by this.

The Facebook channel of VetoVeto posted, on the 29th of January, that would return that year as a language tutorial site. It would also contain other things, just like the previous website. However, the channel posted on the 16th of December that this was not entirely the case.

It was decided that VetoVeto would firstmost be an entertainment website, not an educational one. However, informative pieces are planned eventually, especially about linguistics. Most educational content will go to a new website which has not been created yet.

Keep yourself up to date

VetoVeto Facebook channel

The primary news outlet where you can directly interact with me, Yorn, the owner of VetoVeto.

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VetoVetoArt DeviantArt channel

Most of VetoVeto's artwork is created by Ymro. Check out his DeviantArt for art.

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Final remarks

It is interesting to note that the existence of Arqea dates back to somewhere in 2001 or so. I was six or so back then. The northern island of Arqea has retained much of its shape, including the position of 12 provinces. Of course, the provinces have been tweaked and a lot more content has been added. Qromadea also dates back to this year and has been created by Ymro, later. Some Miwes date back to 2002.

I hope that you enjoy the website as much as I do. A lot more content is planned, so be sure to check the website and Facebook news outlet from time to time.

Best, Owner VetoVeto

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